Grubins – Produces, distributes and provides complete protection to your hands, for over 20 years. Our tradition and constant perfection has led us the leading position by quality in Serbia and region.


The brand Grubins has built in business and with their buyers is the result of strong and consistent efforts of the management, as well as all employees to always be “one step ahead”.


We offer a wide range of gloves, which are specially designed to satisfy the precise demands of the buyers.


Depending on the purpose of the gloves, in production we use no stitch knit and sawed glows made of pure cotton and layered in natural latex.


Through selection of natural materials we want to provide for our buyers extraordinary comfort and ease during work but also to protect their hands from injuries and allergic reactions.


We produce glows which are primarily made to protect from mechanical risk. They are designed to provide protections from cuts, scratches, stings, and are intended to be used under wet and dry conditions. The glows also have different levels of protection and offer comfort and easy maneuvering during labor.


With our constant research and development, strong connection to the buyers and possession of international quality standards we believe that your safety is our mission.


Our main goal is to cooperate with technically educated representatives of the companies and to provide the products which will comply and satisfy all their needs.


INTERESTING: Over 25% of injuries at work are injuries of hands and fingers.


Study conducted by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has showed that 70 % of the manual labor workers who injured their hands at work were not wearing protective glows and that the remaining 30% were injured because the equipment was not adequately handled or was damaged.